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mazomeno Paper industry

The company started its operation in 1997 with the production of wrapping paper to initially serve small meat and cold food stores.In 2002 the company took the first big step in the renovation of all production equipment. With passion and perseverance the company entered the field of paper packaging in the supply of wrapping paper in supermarket chains throughout Greece with In 2007 the company proceeded to the purchase of brand new printing equipment with the expansion of its building facilities.

Investing exclusively in new types of paper, it has established itself as one of the largest suppliers of wrapping paper nationwide in the grocery sector.
Through a wide selection of specialized packaging papers, modern product specifications, environmentally friendly, mazomeno paper is today a major player in the thriving global market for paper packaging products.
Emerging the export character, mazomeno paper is addressed to customers who are looking for something special and modern in the supply of wrapping paper.

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