When you hear the word EXCELLENT what comes to mind? for those of you who care about luxury in packaging we have good news! The product EXCELLENT WRAPPING PAPER laminated with high technology glossy POLYETHYLENE type (LDPE) of superior quality !
Glitter-transparent-shiny FILM POLYETHYLENE new generation with homogeneous adhesion on the inner surface of the paper. Can be applied on any type of paper gloss, sik, gloss brilliant & KRAFT

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Product type

Wrapping paper laminated with polythylene film for food items

Print process

Flexographic print

Plastic Film

Polyethylene new generation (LDPE)

Basis weights paper

80 gr/m² +/- 2%

Paper Dimensions

25x35cm/9gr, 35x50cm/16gr, 50x70cm/31gr,  +/- 2%

Parchel weight



EUROPALLET  50 pack or 54 pack depending on the size of the paper

Available in

Europe Rest Word